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I thought this video makes vaild points through humor. He talks about how the America Dream doesn’t really doesn’t exist and says “you have to be asleep to believe it”. In other words, he implies it’s all just a Dream, and non-existence.

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I remember the first day of class when you asked us what we think of when we hear the term “American dream”. Crazy enough i said a big house with a white picket fence just like the image above. I can’t believe how different i think now when i hear the term “American dream”. Now when i hear this term, i think of the struggles immigrants face and the adversity they experience from the dream.

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CONCLUSION to my final paper.

The Latino immigrant experience consists of hardship and unfortunately they rarely ever reach this American Dream. In this article I argued how the American Dream is almost impossible for Latino immigrants in New York because of the affinity, adversity and discrimination they encounter. After coming to America, Latino immigrants expect life to be alluring; however, that all changes when they actually come and live here. Like Williams’ poems and Colon’s texts illustrates it is evident that because of the hardships they encounter, they are prevented from achieving this dream. In addition, they face discrimination as shown in González’s text, and as Steel’s article points Latino immigrants sacrifice a lot for this dream that just seems like an illusion.

Evidently, one can see how immigrants everywhere struggle to send money back to their families in their homeland. Although some succeed, a lot do not and they end up spending most of their lives struggling to make ends meet. They work their hardest to reach this American Dream, however if it is just an illusion are immigrants just wasting their time? Future research into English literature of Latino immigrants should examine the male to female ratio migration and which gender succeeds the most. This is imperative because maybe studies will show that is easier for a certain gender to succeed as oppose to another.

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When migrating to New York Latinos usually don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. They picture a utopia life in where they believe everything won’t be difficult and they will make money easily. However, this all changes when they actually arrive to America and step foot in New York and realize life isn’t what they expect it to be. They experience a whole new different life and become conscious of the reality of things. Jesus Colon’s story titled Grandma Please Don’t Come illustrates the realization Colon has after coming to New York. Like many immigrants, he was expecting his migration to be completely different than it turned out to be. Colon tells his grandma:

It is nice if you are young and willing and able to go down five flights of stairs two or three times a day. If you can “take it” in a crowded subway where you are squeezed in tight twice a day as if you were a cork in a bottle. It is all right in a way—and remember—I only say in a way—for young strong people. We come to New York young and leave old and tired. All the fun and joy of life extracted from us by the hurry-up machine way of living we are forced to live here. (500)

Here Colon tells his experience to his grandma, and tells that she shouldn’t come to New York. He adds that the “crowded subway” and going “down five flights of stairs two or three times a day” can be exhausting. In addition, he adds that “We come to New York young and leave old and tired” which may be the result of all the hard work he may encounter. Importantly, he says “we” which addresses his audience that are Latino immigrants. They come here “young” and ready however, they “leave old and tired” from all the hardships they encounter. As mentioned previously, like the long shifts, the prejudice and discrimination they may face. Evidently, Colon implies that living in New York isn’t as easy as he thought from the “hurry-up machine” way of life. In New York everything moves quickly and Colon isn’t used to this lifestyle. Interestingly, he says that all the “fun and joy” in New York isn’t present from the machinery, which again implies that he didn’t expect New York to be like the way it has been. Here one can see the realization Colon gets after actually experiencing coming to a new country. It is not all “fun and joy” and trying to reach the American Dream isn’t either.

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INTRODUCTION to my final paper

Human beings usually want the best for their family and for themselves. For most people it is essential to save up money for the future but at the same time still have money for tomorrow’s meal and other bills they may encounter. Usually many people may live in poor countries that make it almost impossible to make a living in and so they are forced to migrate. Some migrate without their families, leaving them lonely. Thus, this results these people to become immigrants and strangers to a whole new land. They hope their lives will be auspicious and this long life dream of becoming successful will one day become reality.

One specific race that usually strives for this better future after migrating from their home land is Latinos. Latino immigrants specifically come to New York and fight to feed their families back home. They try their hardest to make their families proud because going back to their native countries without a ‘successful” job conveys failure. Thus, they work their hardest to reach this Dream in where they can make all their families proud, but also make themselves proud as well.

However, unfortunately, this American Dream that many Latino immigrants strive for remains a distant dream for most. When Latino Immigrants come to New York, they usually don’t assume it will be difficult. In addition, because Latino immigrants aren’t as educated, and desperate to get any job to make money, they often get stuck with belittling jobs that require long shifts at work. Nevertheless, Latino immigrants work their hardest for the American Dream that seems unreachable and unattainable because of the demeaning jobs, language barriers, and discrimination. In this article, I will illustrate the struggles Latino immigrants face when coming to New York, specific examples of these struggles and the disappointments they have after realizing the American Dream may just be an illusion

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In this image we see a Latino male holding up a sign that says “can you imagine a better future without a dream”. I think this explains to me why Latino immigrants rely on this dream so much. They can’t imagine living without it because it gives Latino immigrants hope, and motivation.

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I came across this video while researching on the American Dream for Latino immigrants and it is really interesting. Here, this basketball player named Eduardo Nájera is living the “American Dream” as a professional basketball player. Like a few Latino immigrants Nájera is successful as he is making millions of dollars to support his family back in Mexico.

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Cover Letter

Taking English 255 this semester has definitely helped me in my writing tremendously. I was introduced to PIE paragraphs which are so helpful in writing essays and articles in the near future. In addition, we were taught how to master citing in MLA format which is useful for not only this class but in any college class.
Not only did we pay close attention to our writings but we read quite interesting stories this semester. They were eye opening texts/ stories that really made me aware of some of the issues that are present for Latinos. Overall, I enjoyed taking this class and I recommend anyone to take English 255 with Professor Alvarez. Although we did a lot of writing for a non writing intensive class, I can’t say that it wasn’t helpful. All our writings helped us in our 12 page paper. I also enjoyed writing these blogs because after I read a text after a period of time I would forget what it is about. Having this blog to refer back to was really useful.

The only negative thing I would have to comment on is the actual discussions we had during class time. We barely had any because some days we spent to much time on a classmates blog. I think that part wasn’t as helpful because although it provided feedback for that one student it bored the other students and it took away class time.

Other than that, I enjoyed this class greatly and I am glad I was privileged enough to take English 255 with professor Alvarez.

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I believe this image really goes in the direction I am writing my paper in. Here this poster says “The American Dream is Over”, stating that is not attainable and no one can accomplish this dream. This might just be the reality of things but does others think this as well? Do the Latino immigrants know this? or perhaps they do not think it is over.

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A Struggle For the American Dream: Sacrifice and Redefining the American Dream in Michael Steel’s “The Kind of Immigration Reform Americans Want” and Michael Schudson’s “American Dreams”.

In this paper I am going to write about The American Dream and how it has given false hope to Latino immigrants in New York City. It is evident that our readings have shown us that the American Dream has been otter inaccessible to Latino immigrants. Yes, they have job opportunities but the jobs are demeaning. They have been forced into an unfamiliar environment in which the established system is against them. It leads to questions such as is the American Dream a lie? Over-rated? Are they just better off staying in their native country? Through the texts we have read and videos we have watched they are probably more disadvantages then benefits and so The American Dream may just be an illusion. The texts that I will be focusing on are William Carlos Williams’ poem “Apology” and “Libertad! Igualdad! Fraternidad”, Luis José González “The Night We Became People Again” and perhaps “The Mission” from Culture Clash to show the struggle they face. In my theory section I plan to use Michael Steel’s “The Kind of Immigration Reform Americans Want” and Michael Schudson’s “American Dreams”.

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