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I found an article that is going to strengthen my paper that defines this American Dream. This article titled “American Dreams” does a sufficient job explaining it. As Michael Schudson points out that:

All people are free to pursue the dream, regardless of background, with a “reasonable anticipation though not the promise, of success” through actions under their own control—and doing so is worthy of deep commitment because “true success is associated with virtue” (Hochschild 18). The American dream is “the great national suggestion” (171) that anyone, with hard work according to the rules, has a reasonable prospect of succeeding in life.

According to Schudson, he points out that everyone is “free’ to accomplish this dream no matter where they come from. That with hard and dedication it may be attainable. In addition, he adds that in order for one to successful they have must have “virtue” which includes having a good trait or good intentions. The American Dream is socially constructed as Schudson points out “great national suggestion”. In other words he means that as nation, we have came up with this theory that with hard work there will be success. But the question here is, is it true? We have seen through our texts and videos the struggle that Latinos face and many still haven’t achieved this successful life.

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This cartoon image just exemplifies the point I am trying to make on my paper. When the Latinos try to achieve this American Dream they often get dehumanized because they are working so hard to accomplish it. However, during this process they work hard they don’t get the results they want because these jobs may be hard and harsh. In this graphic it shows how the man was willing to work for “food”, then changes it to “free” after that was unsuccessful, and then lastly changes it for “self-esteem. Clearly during the process of achieving the American Dream he has lost his own dignity and has no confidence.

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I decided that to make my paper more efficient I am going to make the counter argument my peer has suggested me to do. It is evident that our readings have shown us that the American dream has been otter inaccessible to Latino immigrants. yes, they have job opportunities but the jobs are demeaning. They have been forced into an unfamiliar environment in which the established system is against them. It leads to questions such as is the American Dream a lie? over-rated? or is it even recommend that they are just better of staying in their native country. through the texts we have read and videos we have watched they are probably more disadvantages then benefits and so The American Dream may just be an illusion.

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After seeing this video, I believe this could really strengthen my paper about the American Dream. In this video a Puerto Rican speaker talks about his definition of a successful man. He states that he always wanted to be man in the business suit. As a younger child he would point to gentlemen that were wearing suits and looked up to them. He adds, that these men were white males and to him they always knew everything as they were the most educated. I don’t think the speaker was ashamed of where is parents come from and what they turned out to be but he wanted to strive this American Dream and interestingly he decides that at such a young age.

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These series of videos reminded me of the video we saw in class that was titled “A Girl like me”. These videos show the bias attitude society has constructed towards dark skin people. In a “A Girl like Me’” and in “Black or white: Kids on Race” we get to see how the little children would rather play or prefer the white doll or picture as oppose to the darker skin one. These ideas of beauty are constructed by society, media and everything else that is around us. The Latinos are no stranger to this bias attitude as through our readings and videos we have seen this. Latinos range from dark skin to light skin and the people that got this darker skin are faced with discrimination. Often the whites are considered with positive things as oppose the blacks. There are so many stereotypes that are affiliated with dark skin that one can see the effects it has on little children. In addition, the video that demonstrated the hate that Haitians have with the Dominicans is the same issue that relates to race. These countries are similar in so many ways and because one race is darker then the other they choose not to accept one another. These videos as well as the others just exemplify our problems in society. One chooses to not accept another because of race and chooses to think he is better than the other. Having this bias attitude affects the Latinos who have darker skin. If they are trying to get a job in this bias society it will be hard for them to get it and even harder for them to achieve this American Dream.

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Why is assimilation to the U.S. mainstream a good thing?

Like any other big issue/ question there is always a positive aspect as well as a negative one. But in my opinion, I think the pros outweigh the cons because one will benefit. For example, it exposes one to different culture and language which can be beneficial, learning a new language is always a positive. Also, with a new language comes a new culture and the American culture is diverse so everyone feels like they are united. In addition, one gets to learn the English language which is a positive thing because it increases a person’s chance to get a stable job after school .Although it isn’t as easy as it sounds and one struggles with assimilation as it may cause many issues, I believe it is a good thing.

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He [father] was talking to a teen-aged attendant. I don’t recall what they were saying but I cannot forgery the sounds my father made as he spoke. At one point his words slid together to form one word-sounds as confused as the threads of blue and green oil in the puddle next to my shoes…shortly afterward, walking towards home with my father, I shivered when he put his hand on my shoulder. The very first glance that I got, I evaded his grasp and ran on ahead into the dark skipping with feigned boyish exuberance.

I really enjoyed reading “Hunger of Memory: Aria” by Richard Rodriguez. In this quote he talks about how he felt embarrassed that he’s father barely spoke the language. He adds that his father had the syntax all mixed up as he was speaking to the teenager. Because his father barely spoke any English, he had a strong accent and Rodriguez was just ashamed of his father. Here one can see the power language has. The father is middle aged but has no power over the teenage boy who speaks better English than him. Rodriguez felt this and that’s why when he’s father was holding him by the shoulder he rejected him. The fact that his father was seen inferior compared to the teenager must have bothered him.

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This video really shocked me. I couldn’t believe people could be this cruel and it caught me by surprise. These people were so racist and for no reason despised the Mexican. I don’t understand how one can be this way and not understand their point of view. Although we haven’t read any stories that were this extreme, there are some that I can relate it to. For example, the poem “I am Joaquin”, he speaks about not fitting in. I could understand why he feels as such because people may have been giving him the cold shoulder. I think this video can link back to the “American Dream”, because Latinos come to America for a better future yet they are constantly getting harassed by others.

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