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These series of videos reminded me of the video we saw in class that was titled “A Girl like me”. These videos show the bias attitude society has constructed towards dark skin people. In a “A Girl like Me’” and in “Black or white: Kids on Race” we get to see how the little children would rather play or prefer the white doll or picture as oppose to the darker skin one. These ideas of beauty are constructed by society, media and everything else that is around us. The Latinos are no stranger to this bias attitude as through our readings and videos we have seen this. Latinos range from dark skin to light skin and the people that got this darker skin are faced with discrimination. Often the whites are considered with positive things as oppose the blacks. There are so many stereotypes that are affiliated with dark skin that one can see the effects it has on little children. In addition, the video that demonstrated the hate that Haitians have with the Dominicans is the same issue that relates to race. These countries are similar in so many ways and because one race is darker then the other they choose not to accept one another. These videos as well as the others just exemplify our problems in society. One chooses to not accept another because of race and chooses to think he is better than the other. Having this bias attitude affects the Latinos who have darker skin. If they are trying to get a job in this bias society it will be hard for them to get it and even harder for them to achieve this American Dream.

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