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I found an article that is going to strengthen my paper that defines this American Dream. This article titled “American Dreams” does a sufficient job explaining it. As Michael Schudson points out that:

All people are free to pursue the dream, regardless of background, with a “reasonable anticipation though not the promise, of success” through actions under their own control—and doing so is worthy of deep commitment because “true success is associated with virtue” (Hochschild 18). The American dream is “the great national suggestion” (171) that anyone, with hard work according to the rules, has a reasonable prospect of succeeding in life.

According to Schudson, he points out that everyone is “free’ to accomplish this dream no matter where they come from. That with hard and dedication it may be attainable. In addition, he adds that in order for one to successful they have must have “virtue” which includes having a good trait or good intentions. The American Dream is socially constructed as Schudson points out “great national suggestion”. In other words he means that as nation, we have came up with this theory that with hard work there will be success. But the question here is, is it true? We have seen through our texts and videos the struggle that Latinos face and many still haven’t achieved this successful life.

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    salvarez said,

    April 26, 2012 @ 10:26 am

    Woroud, I like how you have the idea topic narrowed down. You also want to narrow down which poems/stories from the anthology you could or want to use. You may be able to do this by reviewing your posts and responses to see what you’ve already written about and if you like what you wrote after reading the theory above, or if you have to change a few things.

    Also I recommend reviewing the stories/poems for “key words” or additional things you might quote. You might also be able to use sentences from things you wrote about different stories/poems as well, so see if you can re-use any of that material as well.

    10 out of 10 possible points.

    Note: No Class on Monday, April 30th.

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