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Taking English 255 this semester has definitely helped me in my writing tremendously. I was introduced to PIE paragraphs which are so helpful in writing essays and articles in the near future. In addition, we were taught how to master citing in MLA format which is useful for not only this class but in any college class.
Not only did we pay close attention to our writings but we read quite interesting stories this semester. They were eye opening texts/ stories that really made me aware of some of the issues that are present for Latinos. Overall, I enjoyed taking this class and I recommend anyone to take English 255 with Professor Alvarez. Although we did a lot of writing for a non writing intensive class, I can’t say that it wasn’t helpful. All our writings helped us in our 12 page paper. I also enjoyed writing these blogs because after I read a text after a period of time I would forget what it is about. Having this blog to refer back to was really useful.

The only negative thing I would have to comment on is the actual discussions we had during class time. We barely had any because some days we spent to much time on a classmates blog. I think that part wasn’t as helpful because although it provided feedback for that one student it bored the other students and it took away class time.

Other than that, I enjoyed this class greatly and I am glad I was privileged enough to take English 255 with professor Alvarez.

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