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INTRODUCTION to my final paper

Human beings usually want the best for their family and for themselves. For most people it is essential to save up money for the future but at the same time still have money for tomorrow’s meal and other bills they may encounter. Usually many people may live in poor countries that make it almost impossible to make a living in and so they are forced to migrate. Some migrate without their families, leaving them lonely. Thus, this results these people to become immigrants and strangers to a whole new land. They hope their lives will be auspicious and this long life dream of becoming successful will one day become reality.

One specific race that usually strives for this better future after migrating from their home land is Latinos. Latino immigrants specifically come to New York and fight to feed their families back home. They try their hardest to make their families proud because going back to their native countries without a ‘successful” job conveys failure. Thus, they work their hardest to reach this Dream in where they can make all their families proud, but also make themselves proud as well.

However, unfortunately, this American Dream that many Latino immigrants strive for remains a distant dream for most. When Latino Immigrants come to New York, they usually don’t assume it will be difficult. In addition, because Latino immigrants aren’t as educated, and desperate to get any job to make money, they often get stuck with belittling jobs that require long shifts at work. Nevertheless, Latino immigrants work their hardest for the American Dream that seems unreachable and unattainable because of the demeaning jobs, language barriers, and discrimination. In this article, I will illustrate the struggles Latino immigrants face when coming to New York, specific examples of these struggles and the disappointments they have after realizing the American Dream may just be an illusion

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