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CONCLUSION to my final paper.

The Latino immigrant experience consists of hardship and unfortunately they rarely ever reach this American Dream. In this article I argued how the American Dream is almost impossible for Latino immigrants in New York because of the affinity, adversity and discrimination they encounter. After coming to America, Latino immigrants expect life to be alluring; however, that all changes when they actually come and live here. Like Williams’ poems and Colon’s texts illustrates it is evident that because of the hardships they encounter, they are prevented from achieving this dream. In addition, they face discrimination as shown in González’s text, and as Steel’s article points Latino immigrants sacrifice a lot for this dream that just seems like an illusion.

Evidently, one can see how immigrants everywhere struggle to send money back to their families in their homeland. Although some succeed, a lot do not and they end up spending most of their lives struggling to make ends meet. They work their hardest to reach this American Dream, however if it is just an illusion are immigrants just wasting their time? Future research into English literature of Latino immigrants should examine the male to female ratio migration and which gender succeeds the most. This is imperative because maybe studies will show that is easier for a certain gender to succeed as oppose to another.

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